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Welcome to Zemo Translations Website.

In this website, you will find the basic and main information that may help you elucidate eventual questions about translation and consulting services, plus our job options.

Please find bellow the pillars of our company 

Mission: To provide high quality translation services, allowing customers to focus on their core business.

Vision: To be recognized as the best language services company operating in Brazil, providing services for the whole world and in other countries as well.

Value: We work with ethics, confidentiality, creativity and respect
We do what is right and we charge fair amounts for our services. We respect the people, the companies, the information we receive, the environment and the Planet. We use our creativity to offer new services and to meet customers´ needs offering the best cost-benefit relation possible.


Zemo Traduções was born from a group of multinational executives who, in their day-to-day professional lives, have constantly needed translations and versions of trainings, product labels, technical material, etc.

We count on a team of engineers, pharmacists, lawyers, advertising and company management professionals, as well as highly qualified translators, native speakers and experts in technical areas, such as the medical, legal and financial ones.

Founded in 2003, Zemo has already conquered the market, offering fast and efficient service, carrying out translations for large and small companies, always with the same care and a thorough text revision to assure the precision in all the details.


We work as a team, what makes the original texts comprehension and each project final translation easier. This allows us to provide our clients with higher quality translations.

We offer translations to Portuguese from the following languages:
- English
- Spanish
- French
- Italian
- German
- Chinese (Mandarin)

Other languages should be checked.

All the translations go through a text reviser inspection, in order to assure the correct use of the Portuguese language.

A version is the transformation of a text from Portuguese to a foreign language.
A version shall be accurately made so that it becomes similar to texts already written, in the target language. In order to do so, we count on high quality translators, native or having studied in the United States, England, Italy, Uruguay and France.

Contact us about other languages.

Sworn translation
Sworn translations are considered legal documents recognized in the countries where the native language is the one the text was translated to.
In this type of translation, the professional attests that the document content is totally unaltered and provides the same text comprehension as the one in the source language.
This type of tool is recommended in contracts and legal documents.

Simultaneous Translation/ Interpreter/ video transcription, translations and lettering.
Through partnerships, we offer these additional solutions to meet your needs in all translation related areas. Counting on experienced partners, with proven quality, we ensure competitive cost benefits in these services.
For further info, please contact us.
Contact us.


We are experts in texts in the following areas:

-Management training;
-Training in general;
-Product labeling;
-And others.


Job Division:
Avoid dividing a translation assigning it to more than one company or translator. As well as writers, translators have their typical writing characteristics. In order to have linguistic uniformity, the text shall be translated, or at least revised, by only one person, who will give the translation fluency and a single writing style.

Low price:
The expressions "you get what you pay for/cheap becomes expensive" may be perfectly applied to a translation service. A good translator has been prepared to perform the job and is in a continuous improvement process. It is like a cardiologist. The better the expert is, the more expensive an appointment with him will be. Looking for cheap services may lead to the risk of obtaining a less perfect translation which does not present the aspect of a text written in the language in question.

Emergency services:
Although sometimes urgency is inevitable in some services, the longer the translator may work on the job, the better the translation/version quality will be. As well as hours, weeks or months have been spent for elaborating the text, a few hours shall be carefully used in the translation, correction and revision of texts, so that they present the best possible quality. Remember that this text may represent the image of your company to your clients. The best service is better for you.

Peculiar terms:
In most cases, texts present terms and expressions typical from your company, which may have different translation possibilities or may not be found in dictionaries. When hiring a translation service, it is important to be ready for getting involved with the translator, in order to refine these expressions and make the text customized to your company.

Request a quote

We carry out services for the whole world.
Send your file through e-mail to request a non-obligation quote.

Also check for the service of formatting/editing in Microsoft Office programs and others.

The service delivery may also be carried out through Sedex, fax or in person.

In general, translation prices are established in standard pages. Each standard page may have between 1.000 and 1.200 characters; considering or not the spaces, including or not the formatting/editing. These factors are important and shall be considered when comparing quotes.

A standard page in a foreign language will usually have a very different size from a standard page in the Portuguese language, so, in order to always offer our clients the best cost-benefit, we solicit the file sending for a quote, whenever it is possible, so that the client may be aware of the final service standard pages.
Fill in the form and we will get in contact for more information soon.

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Continuando o acesso e enviando dados a este site você está de acordo com a política da empresa. Termos de serviço e Política de privacidade LGPD.