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The quality and content of the technical reports for the products’ registration are extremely important for the process to occur with the fewest possible complications. The time and care dedicated to their elaboration may be decisive in the approval or disapproval of a product.

That is why we count on specialized professionals and we offer the consultancy and preparation of technical reports for product registration and renewals, production alterations in the product and others, to be submited to ANVISA.
You can also choose to have the consultancy only in Evaluations and Orientation about the documentation involved in the processes.



A Patent is a temporary property granted by the State which gives the inventor the rights that prevent others from manufacturing, using, putting at sale or importing a patented product or process or a product directly from a patented process.

We work in the three modalities of patent register:

- Invention Patent
- Utility Model
- Industrial Design

We also present the modality of consultancy and preparation of technical reports for product registrations, registration renewals, and production alterations in the product, to submit to ANVISA.

Also available: evaluations and orientations about the documentations involved in the processes.



Talk to us also about brand and logo registration.


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