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Welcome to Zemo Consulting Website

In this website, you will find the basic and main information that may help you elucidate eventual questions about translation and consulting services, plus our job options.

Please find bellow the pillars o four company

Mission: To be part of the continuous country evolution, being a facilitator to enable more agility to our customers to make technological innovation and new products available in the market.

Vision: We will, through the services we offer to our customers, have a active role in the Brazil’s technological evolvement and in health improvement, through the services we offer to our customers.

Value: We work with ethics, confidentiality, creativity and respect
We do what is right and we charge fair amounts for our services. We respect the people, the companies, the information we receive, the environment and the Planet. We use our creativity to offer new services and to meet customers´ needs offering the best cost-benefit relation possible.

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